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Periodontal Disease Treatment in Duluth, MN 

Periodontal health is important, and it is in your smile’s best interest to maintain your gums.

To keep both your teeth and your gums in optimal condition, call the dental offices of Mount Royal Dental. Dr. Camille Zelen is meticulous in the maintenance of gum health. She serves families in Duluth and surrounding communities.

Healthy Teeth Require Healthy Gums

Gums are foundational to oral health. They provide the environment that sustains teeth and prevents them from becoming loose. Despite our best efforts at brushing and flossing, a sticky film of bacteria, called plaque can grow under the gum line, causing them to become red, swollen and inflamed. This gum condition is called gingivitis.

Gum Disease Prevention is Key

Gingivitis is reversible and preventable with good daily dental care and routine visits our Duluth practice.

If plaque is left on teeth, then it calcifies into a hard substance called tartar. Tartar builds up on teeth, and it is resistant to toothbrushes and dental floss. Tartar also harbors bacteria, which can cause further damage to the gums. Dental hygienists perform a procedure called scaling to remove stubborn plaque and tartar with special dental tools.

When plaque and tartar have permeated the gums, and attached to the roots of teeth, typically the gums become very red and swollen, and they often bleed. This can be indicative of a more serious form of gum disease called periodontitis.  

Dr. Zelen’s Treatment for Gum Disease

Periodontitis can lead to loosened teeth and eventual tooth loss. Dr. Zelen treats periodontitis utilizing the following techniques and technologies to improve oral health:

  • Dental lasers are used to access and remove harmful bacteria from the root of the tooth. Laser treatment disinfects the pockets within the gum line
  • Root scaling to remove tartar
  • Root planing to smooth tooth roots so gums can reattach
  • Pocket reduction
  • Gingival grafts place healthy tissues onto areas where periodontitis has created a recession to the gum line.
  • Gingivoplasty reshapes the gum line to healthy placement.

Mount Royal Dental in Duluth for a Lifetime of Smiles

Dr. Camille Zelen is focused on gum health and prevention, so you keep your healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime. Put your confidence in Mount Royal Dental in Duluth, where you will receive excellent treatment with care and compassion. 

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