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Dental Implants at Mount Royal Dental

If you’re looking for treatments to replace missing teeth, dental implants provide aesthetic and functional benefits that other treatments have been unable to match. Implants are a close as possible to your own teeth and help support long-lasting results. At Mount Royal Dental, we’re proud to offer Duluth patients a wealth of dental implant options all in one office.

dental implants in Duluth

Implant Dentistry: Treatment Options and Benefits

Dental implants are versatile, in that they can be used to replace one tooth or all teeth in an arch. The base of an implant is a small titanium post that can support a single dental crown or be used in conjunction with a few other implant posts to anchor larger restorations.

At Mount Royal Dental, our Duluth dentist specializes in placing and restoring implants, providing our patients with a variety of options for care in one location. Our implant procedures include:

• Single Implant Crowns
• Implant-Supported Dentures
• Fixed Implant Dentures

The base of your implant naturally bonds with bone, mimicking real tooth roots. This ensures that your new implant-supported teeth will be strong and feel like your own natural teeth. Compared to dentures and dental bridges, implants look more natural, do not negatively affect soft tissues or surrounding teeth, and do not slip or become loose throughout the day. The benefits of implant dentistry help patients enjoy better quality of life, where they can smile with confidence and maintain all of their normal daily routines without thinking about their teeth.

3D Guided Implant Surgery at our Duluth Practice

While many dental offices are required to send patients to secondary specialists' practices to have implant posts surgically placed, we perform all parts of your treatment plan in our office. Our Duluth implant dentist, Dr. Camille Zelen, utilizes the advancements of 3D imaging to safely and precisely plan your implant surgery.

Duluth dental implantsWith 3D pictures of your smile, Dr. Zelen can pinpoint areas of dense jaw bone, where implants can be securely imbedded and provide best stability for prosthetics. Using specialized software, we can print a small surgical guide. When used as a template for implant placement, our 3D guided implant surgery techniques help ensure best outcomes and optimized osseointegration -- the bonding of the implant to the bone. Once your implant(s) is placed and has had time to heal, we will functionally and aesthetically restore your smile by adding life-like dental crowns, multiple unit bridges, or full dentures.

Learn More about Smile Restoration with Dental Implants

We love to transform patients’ lives with long-lasting implant-supported teeth. For more information about what implants can do for your smile, contact Mount Royal Dental for your implant consultation at our Duluth dental office.

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