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CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Get Same-Day Crowns in Duluth with CEREC Dentist, Dr. Zelen

At our cosmetic, family, and restorative dental practice in Duluth, we pride ourselves on efficiency. Efficiency is one of the reasons we worked with a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified architect to build a green dental clinic. We wanted to be efficient in our energy use, as well as friendly to our environment.

Efficiency is also one of the reasons that we offer CEREC® same-day crowns at our Duluth dental practice. We know that between work, your family, and other obligations, you’re busy and your time is valuable. If you need a crown, let us help you get a crown quicker, and with better results without having to make multiple appointments. Leave the impressions, goop, and temporary crowns in the past and ask about CEREC® same-day crowns at our practice.

What is CEREC®?
Image of Cerec MC X milling machine and oven.
CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It was originally developed in the mid-eighties and, to date, remains on the leading edge of this technology for single-visitrestoration of dental crowns. CEREC uses computer software and, depending on the model, various imaging technologies to create a treatment plan for your crown. Your CEREC dentist can see how your bite fits together with your new crown and alter it before sending the design to a milling machine that creates your crown in a matter of minutes from a solid block of high-quality restorative dentistry materials.

CEREC also does more than just crowns. This system can be used in the following restorative dentistry procedures:

• Inlays and onlays
• Veneers for chipped or discolored teeth
• Fillings
• Replacing metal fillings with composite materials

Why Choose a CEREC Dentist?

CEREC uses all ceramic material that is durable and biocompatible with healthy tooth structures. CEREC restorations are performed in a single visit, from start to finish. That means you’ll spend less time in the dentist’s chair, as opposed to traditional restorations which may take two or more appointments to complete.

In addition to saving you time, CEREC is often more comfortable for patients because they no longer have to wear a temporary crown while their permanent crown is created and matched to their tooth’s natural color. Walk out of your restorative dentistry appointment with your new crown, all in the same day.

CEREC technology also means that you won’t have to endure any more uncomfortable appointments making impressions of your teeth. CEREC’s CAD/CAM technology does all that work for us, without having to use any goop or cause you any discomfort.

Questions? Ready to Schedule your CEREC Appointment in Duluth?

If you have questions about CEREC restorations, or if you’d like to request an appointment with our CEREC dentist in Duluth, please contact us or use our online appointment request form. We look forward to your visit and restoring your beautiful smile!

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