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Laser Dentistry in Duluth

At Mount Royal Dental, we are advocates of using the latest advances in dentistry to provide our patients with quality care. Leveraging the benefits of cutting-edge technology, Dr. Camille Zelen provides treatment with dental lasers to offer effective, minimally-invasive solutions. Laser dentistry enables Dr. Zelen to perform a variety of cosmetic and therapeutic procedures with increased precision for patients in Duluth and the surrounding communities.

How Can Laser Dentistry Benefit You? Laser Dentistry in Duluth

A goal of any advance in medicine is to improve efficiency of treatment and provide patients with improved outcomes. Dr. Zelen and the team at Mount Royal Dental share this goal, striving to help patients achieve their ideal smiles through modern solutions.

Dental lasers offer a number of advantages compared with procedures performed by traditional means. Most notably, using a dental laser allows our Duluth dentist to target only areas that have been compromised by disease, leaving healthy tissue untouched. Consequently, patients are left with more of their natural dentition and experience quicker recovery times. Additionally, patients can undergo procedures performed using laser dentistry with little or no need for anesthesia.

Our patients can be assured that all laser treatments are performed with the utmost concern for their safety. To ensure this, Dr. Zelen draws on extensive experience performing these advanced procedures as well as the distinction of having achieved Master Laser Course certification from the World Laser Institute.

What Can Be Treated with Laser Dentistry?

While laser dentistry offers a versatile solution for a number of issues, the scope of treatment a practice can provide can be limited by lacking the appropriate equipment.  With the Waterlase ® iPlus All-Tissue and Epic ™ diode lasers available at Mount Royal Dental, we are able to provide cosmetic, preventive, and therapeutic treatments for many of the concerns our patients face.

Having access to this technology allows us to improve the efficiency and overall patient experience of many of the procedures we perform, including:

  • Periodontal Therapy
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Preparation for Dental Restorations
  • Oral Biopsy and Tumor Removal
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Low Level Laser Therapy in DuluthLow-Level Laser Therapy

At our Duluth practice, we can offer laser therapy to provide relief for patients experiencing the persistent discomfort associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Using a diode laser, Dr. Zelen applies a moderate amount of energy into the muscular regions that assist with TMJ function. This treatment works on a cellular level to reduce inflammation in the affected muscles, which results in diminished pain.

Dr. Zelen determines ideal candidates for this treatment after performing a comprehensive evaluation, which sometimes involves taking on-site panoramic x-ray images. With a plan based on the severity of the symptoms a patient presents, our dentist can recommend LLLT as the primary treatment or in conjunction with other therapeutic options.

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