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Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry in Duluth, MN at Mount Royal Dental

Our Duluth family dentist is glad to be able to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and their families who come in for an appointment. Dr. Camille Zelen knows that a good oral hygiene routine, coupled with regular dental visits, can promote the longevity of your teeth, while also preserving the beauty of your smile. At Mount Royal Dental, our team of Duluth dental professionals treats all members of your family with friendly care that that is aimed at your best oral health. 

Your Child's Visit to Mount Royal Dental

Family of four (mom, dad, one girl and one boy) brushing their teeth.Good oral hygiene habits are established at a young age. It is important to introduce your children to a family practice where the staff can communicate with and effectively care for people of all ages. Our staff takes the time to explain the best way to care for teeth at home in a way that makes sense for young patients.

Recognizing the importance of early dental care, our office encourages parents to bring their children in as early as one year of age. Dr. Zelen offers an introductory dental exam with a parent present so that the child can become familiar with our office in the company of mom or dad. We aim to create a warm and welcoming environment for families; our lobby includes a play area for young patients and parents can enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for their child's appointment.

Mount Royal Dental – Happily Treating All Members of your Family

It's true that regular dental checkups can help patients to keep their teeth longer. At each appointment at our family dentistry office, our staff takes time to discuss good oral hygiene habits with patients of all ages. Our family dentist utilizes early caries (cavity) detection to assist our patients in preventing little problems from turning into big oral health concerns. Our intraoral cameras are able to take pictures of any cracks and fractures in teeth and our laser fluorescence technology can illuminate potential lesions in tooth material to help our patients spot issues that can damage oral health. We believe that ongoing discussions, open communication, and regular visits are the cornerstones of maintaining good oral health. 

The Mouth-Body Connection

Clinical studies suggest that poor oral health can contribute to a number of medical conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. At Mount Royal Dental, we want our patients to recognize this link. We take time to reinforce the need to incorporate proper brushing and flossing into daily hygiene routines from an early age. At our Duluth family dental office, both children and adults are instructed in proper care techniques so that they can maintain better overall health.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Patients can help to prevent gum disease and the problems it can cause for the mouth simply by using a good oral hygiene routine and making regular visits to our Duluth family dentist. Caused by bacteria and the buildup of plaque on the teeth, gum disease is recognized by the following signs:

Receding gums 
Bleeding gums 
Puffy, red gums

We work with our patients to be sure that any signs of early gum disease are addressed and treated. The progressive laser gum treatment from our Duluth dental office can effectively target gum health issues without the need for oral surgery. With our focus on patient education and preventive care, gum disease doesn't have to negatively impact your oral health or the health of your family members.

Visit our Duluth Family Dentist Today!

Dr. Zelen is able to effectively treat all members of your family. We aim to educate all of our patients so that good oral health care in your home is part of the daily routine. For more information on the preventive education and treatments available at our Duluth dental office, contact us today or request an appointment online.  

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